Initial Analysis

For potential clients we offer an initial analysis of your existing brand and marketing communications. This will typically involve completing a short questionnaire and joining two consultation calls. We will then summarise in a PDF report our findings and recommendations on budget priorities and sequence of required actions. This report will also include an outline cost estimate for projects we consider relevant.

Timeline: 7 days

SGD 850

Outline Plan

Following the completion of our initial analysis, we will develop an outline brand and digital marketing plan. This will align with your business objectives, and will include setting detailed briefs and costs for subsequent projects.

This outline plan, which will include our initial insights, will then form the framework for your marketing activities for the next 6 to 12+ months.

Timeline: 2 weeks



If your marketing requirements have already been set and you have a project brief, get in touch and we can provide you with our insights and a detailed cost proposal. Projects could range from setting a new brand strategy, digital marketing campaigns, design for print or screen, website UX and user testing, or full web development services. Following an initial consultation, we may advise that your brief will need further development.


Marketing Retainer

An alternative approach to working on a project basis, is to partner with CTRL on a marketing retainer. This bespoke approach offers better value and keeps things moving quickly and efficiently.

Basically all marketing-related tasks are costed upfront and a timeline is set. These costs are then spread over 6 or 12 monthly payments. We can then work closely with your inhouse team and provide the skills and management processes to ensure consistency and quality is maintained, and effectiveness is being measured.